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A Good House Design

Q What are the most important points to look for in a good house design? S. Williams, St. David’s



A Traffic flow. In other words, the path you take to travel from one room to another. Carefully designed plans address this by placing short hallways and galleries that connect the various areas of the home. For example, upon entering the home, you should be able to walk to the bedrooms or the kitchen without being forced to cross through the family room.



Another indication of thoughtful design relates to storage areas. Bathrooms should have ample linen storage and the kitchen obviously needs plenty of cabinets. While open designs work wonderfully for most families, there still needs to be a certain amount of privacy, especially

for the master suite. Be very cautious of selecting a plan that allows the master bedroom to open directly into the family room! In general, a second-floor master suite is often the preference. The reasons for these preferences probably have to do with the simple fact that this is “traditionally” what homeowners have been accustomed to.



Nevertheless, there are several practical considerations when choosing where to place your master suite. A first floor

master suite is obviously more convenient for those who prefer not to climb stairs. A first-floor location also offers more privacy. However, for parents with small children, a second-floor location, which is close to the children’s rooms, provides a greater sense of security.


Second-floor master bedroom may allow the homeowner to take advantage of a spectacular view that their site might offer. Each client and each site is unique. The best solution can only be discovered by careful analysis.


Finally, the ultimate cost depends on the amenities you select for your home. There are vast differences between the cost of countertops and flooring, not to mention that of windows, doors, and roofing etc.




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