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People are visual creatures; we are attracted to colours and contrasts that cause our eyes to take notice. Focal points in a living room serve to draw the eye and hold it, preferably in a positive manner. Some living rooms are happily already graced with a feature that you can use to build your room around. Others however, may require a focal point to be created. Often large features of a room tend to dominate the room and catch the eye, furniture, bookshelves, or tables etc. If you want a certain style for your room, these are the first things you must examine, to see if they will provide it. You can also create a focal point using artwork or sculpture or an unusual item of interest.


Scatter other items around the room that match the collection or the backdrop, to emphasize their presence. Starting with the focal point and slowly spread out around the room, use accessories that harmonize with the focal point, to bring the mind and eyes back to it. You can also make your furniture harmonize with the focal point, by choosing and decorating furniture in complimentary or contrasting colours.


We spend most of our life in the bedroom, because it is where we sleep and also rest, or even work sometimes. So the design it has, will have an effect on our mental and physical health. Light has a very huge impact on our mood and energy, when you are in your bedroom, have you noticed you feel more active and energetic during day time when sunlight is still there? Well, it is because light increases your energy, on the other hand at night we mostly feel the need to relax and not be super active. So the lighting you use in your interior design, how much it is, and also the colour of it is very important.


Contemporary furniture

Contemporary furniture has taken a big leap from traditional furniture. If you are keen to design your home with contemporary furniture, first begin with the architectural style or the natural surroundings of your house and go with the flow, floral patterns, cotton and lighter fabrics, colours like fresh white, creams, yellows and pastel pinks, lilacs, blues and greens, will always evoke nature and foliage, so is a great choice. It gives the room a fresh and clean feel. Most definitely contemporary furniture will blend in if you know the style of your home and have some theme to follow as well.


Choose perhaps three to five colours to spread throughout your rooms, make sure that each room has at least one of the three to five colours you have chosen. This will give your home a comfortable, harmonious, and balanced appearance.


For your contemporary furniture keep the expensive items such as settee, love seats, or recliners chair neutral and accessorize with colours. As far as furniture goes, don’t think that all the furniture should be shoved against a wall. Try to create groups of furniture into sitting areas, conversation areas, or reading areas, with large rooms try to create at least two groups of furniture in the room. Two chairs in front of a large window with an end table in between is a classic seating arrangement, by bringing sofas, coffee tables, and chairs closer to each other, it creates a more intimate area, that is easier for conversation, more inviting then having the furniture spread out.


 When it comes to accessorizing with nick-knacks collections, there are a few main rules, always use odd numbers, place one large piece alone on perhaps a small side table, or three pieces on a coffee table or five pieces on a shelf. Try to keep the proportions even and the heights different.


It is best to keep collections together and not spread out in your home. If you’re living in a small space, you may find yourself tripping over things from time to time, it’s important to be creative about finding storage.


Let your furniture multi-task for you: The idea is to choose furniture that also acts as storage space, a bed with built in drawers underneath, bench seats and ottomans, often feature a hinged lid that opens to reveal a nice amount of storage space, these can hold blankets, toys, books, clothes or accessories that you only need on special occasions. I’m not talking magic, just a simple drop-leaf table could make all the difference in your dining/living area. Open up the leaves when you have dinner, drop them down and move it to the side to do your daily yoga.


Classic style

The classic style, is certainly one that most reflects the true nature of full furniture landscape, classic style impose itself in the proposed furniture to be timeless, adaptable to any environment, presents enviable modularity and functionality in everyday life, that join the preciousness of lines and materials, will creating an evocative harmony.


Classic style characterized by its very nature by a wide use of wood, especially furniture made from cherry wood, cedar, as well as mahogany; are the fundamental characteristic of this style.


The classic furniture is timeless and fills the environment with its density; relive the warmth of a time of prestige and sophistication. The craftsmanship embellishes every detail. The elegance and the study of detail, often makes the difference and processing carried out by experienced tradesmen, often leads to have a piece of furniture that is never equal to another.


In the decorations made by hand, the quest for lines and soft colours, wants to rediscover the ancient and valuable technique of master craftsmen.


The processing and use of wood is the quality that makes the difference and a good production, is in furniture that has life that decorates the environment. Thus the classic furniture maintains its desire for functionality and practicalities are required. Classic style, is a beautiful harmonic fusion between ancient’s scent and contemporary‘s comfort.


One of the most important changes you can make to your home is to bring the outdoors in, definitely go for fresh flowers, that special indulgence that no home should be without, it creates a great focal point for any room, display them prominently on a mantle, sideboard, window ledge or table etc.


The colours and design of your walls and floor is also another effective factor, objects and furniture in your room, like your bed, desk, decorations, etc, has a big effect on the look and feel of your bedroom




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