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Planning Permission


The process to apply for planning permission in Grenada is straightforward and secure. The form guides you through the application with help available at each stage.


The processing of your application for planning permission will involve several stages. To ensure forms are properly completed, plans have all the relevant information required and the correct fee paid; you should feel free to Contact us to discuss your application progress and to give any information supporting your application.


The approval process should take between six to eight weeks from the date of submission.


You will need:-


    a copy of your building plans to include a location plan, site plan, floor elevation and sectional plans.


There are many types of alterations and additions to buildings for which you may not need planning permission, whether you are required to apply for planning permission or not you should consider the following points before you commence building work. Inform your neighbours about work you intend to do to your property. They are likely to be concerned about work that could affect them as you would be about changes which could affect your enjoyment of your own property. For example your building work may take away some of their light or spoil a view from the window of their property, if the work you carried out seriously overshadows a neighbour’s property you might be affecting his/ her “right to light” and you could be exposed to legal action. If you are required to make a planning application, the authority will request the opinions of your neighbour’s covenant, you may also be required to get permission before commencing some types of work due to conditions in your covenant or other restrictions in the title to your property; this may be required even if you do not need to apply for planning permission.

If in doubt you should consult we would normally advise you as to whether the authority anticipates any difficulties that could be overcome by amending your proposal, it can save much time and expense, should you need to get planning permission, you can apply by submitting your building plans with details of the work you intend to carry out. If you start building work without obtaining consent first, you may be forced to put things right which could prove costly, inconvenient and troublesome. You may even be required to demolish an unauthorised building if the planning authority thinks that you have breached planning regulations. It is the duty of the planning authority to ensure that building work complies with the regulations, should the authority finds that the work does not comply; they may require you to remove or alter it, failing to do this, the authority is entitled to serve notice requiring you to do so and the costs incurred will be your liability. The authority may decide to prosecute if you contravene the regulations by building without notifying them or by carrying out work that does not comply.


Do not assume that you do not need planning consent. Contact us as to what type of application you need, in the majority of cases this will be a full application but there are some circumstances when it may be worthwhile to make an outline application. For example if you want to know whether the building work you intend to undertake meets with the authority requirements you can submit an outline application before you go to the trouble of making detailed drawings but you will still be required to submit full detail drawings at a later stage.



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